Sharone Perlstein

Consultant in the United Kingdom

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Founder or co-founder of several initiatives, Sharone Perlstein is widely recognized as a corporate leader and successful entrepreneur in several industries, including natural resource conservation, investments and real estate.

Education and Initial Years
Sharone Perlstein obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1993 from the University of Illinois, learning on the Champaign/Urbana campus. Shortly thereafter Perlstein became employed as Wall Street stock broker. He quickly adapted to the financial investment field, rapidly learning the skills that would help him to eventually branch out on his own. In 1997, Perlstein joined a New York corporate finance company, Orly Capital, Inc., where he was Corporate Finance Specialist. He was responsible for the company’s portfolios listed on Europe’s and America’s stock exchanges. Perlstein stayed with Orly Capital until 2004.

Financial entrepreneur
Sharone Perlstein built his foundation in corporate finance from the beginning of his career and even though he ultimately became involved in a number of other industries, he maintained his foothold in the world of corporate finance. Perlstein’s first independent venture came in 2004, when he became owner of BrookBank Enterprises, Ltd., a financial investment company that specialized in funding emerging projects that demonstrated a high probability of success. To improve investment outcomes, BrookBank also provided its portfolio clients with expert management consultants. Perlstein was owner until 2011.

Real Estate Investments
In 2006, Sharone Perlstein took his financial investment expertise to the field of real estate, co-founding with Robert Rubinstein, Canadel Group, a real estate development company based in Israel. Canadel Group focused on out-of-the-ordinary real estate developments which were provided with capital to enhance their maturity. The company maintained additional offices in Ukraine, Moldova and Latvia. Perlstein functioned as Director until 2008.

Natural Resources and Land Management
Sharone Perlstein shifted his entrepreneurial enthusiasm to the field of agriculture and sustainable development. After leaving Canadel in 2008, Perlstein created BSD Ukraine Agro Ltd., an agricultural company that was responsible

Sharone is exploring the Microfinance field in developing countries and building a business model that could empower the unbanked and provide them with equal opportunity.